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Welcome to my website. The purpose of this website is to expose some music that I have worked on over the years, so that it can heard by my friends and family and anyone else that  might be interested. Please check back occasionally, as I will be working on getting this site completed.  Thanks!    

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Some people may find my website because they are looking for Steve Huie the piano tuner. Well, that is who I used to be. I tuned pianos in the Seattle area for more than 30 years. Then Covid hit. All of a sudden I had no work to do. At the same time my parents in Minnesota needed some help getting through the pandemic. And then my dad’s health started to decline. He passed away in November of 2020. My wife, Kathy and I talked with my mom and we decided to move in with  her to help her stay in the house that she has lived in for 40 years. 

(to be continued…)

Thanks for listening.

Steve Huie

Music is life itself – Louis Armstrong


Liner Notes for the tunes below...

Hopefully these tunes that I have recorded over the years can be listened to and enjoyed without explanation but I will provide some information that describes how my playing of these tunes is a bit different. I mostly like doing arrangements of good songs but done in a unique way. Some of these tunes are well played by many great jazz musicians. I am not interested in competing with them. I only want to put a slightly different spin on the songs. Oh, I almost forgot. The other thing about these tunes that is unique is that I play all the parts. (one at a time obviously)


Song #1 – Chan’s Song


Chan’s Song by Herbie Hancock. Used in the movie ‘Round Midnight.

I have always loved Herbie’s tune. When I was trying to decide how to play it I could only find 2 versions of it on Spotify. I thought it should be played in a way that brings out the great melody. I also wanted to stretch out the melody a bit so I decided to change the time signature to 15/8 (4-4-4-3).


Song #2 – Be My Love 


I went back to the 1950 version that tenor Mario Lanza recorded. It just sounds so good played on guitar. I just play the melody twice. It is not the type of song I want to improvise on. 


 Song #3 – Close Enough For Love 


My friend Mike Strickland mentioned this Johnny Mandel tune to me one day and I told him that I had never heard it. (Mandel also wrote The Shadow Of Your Smile, the MASH theme, and A Time for Love and many other great tunes.) I really loved it after hearing it a few times. I took quite a while finding a key and feel that worked. I finally found a good key and found that it worked well in 3/4 time. But I didn’t want it to have a jazz waltz feel so I made it a semi-Latin feel. Now that is a bit different! 


The other thing that I’d like to mention is the guitar that is used on this. In fact there are 3 guitar parts(all recorded using one guitar) – solo in the middle and 2 rhythm parts – one in each ear. (that is also something that isn’t usually done). One more interesting fact is about the guitar. It is a inexpensive ($300) nylon string guitar with a built-in pickup. It gets such a expressive sound and is so easy to record. 


Song #4 – Detour Ahead


Probably my most smooth jazz sounding tune. I love using that electric piano sound. I play most of the drum parts but I do use a drum and percussion loop on this. For those not familiar, a loop is a 4 or 8 bar recording of an instrument ( usually drums ) that just plays over and over. This loop fit well for the feel I wanted.


Song #5 – Nature Boy 


Ever since I started playing music I have had a fascination with different time signatures(something  other than 3/4 or 4/4).  I always felt comfortable playing in different signatures when most of the musicians I was around would struggle with them. Nature Boy is a really nice tune and I found that playing it in 5/4 really worked well. 


Song #6 – Soul Eyes 


There is that electric piano sound again.   


Song #7 – Tenderly 


This song is in 7/4. I think 7/4 is my favorite time signature.


Song #8 -Two for the Road 


Song #9 –  What a Way to Go 


Written by Seattle songwriter June Tonkin. I used to love playing this song at Patti Summers place at Pike Place Market


Song #10 – Original 1


I don’t really compose much but sometimes sounds or textures will inspire me. In this case it was the synthesizer and beautiful English horn patch that inspired this tune. My friend Kurt ( orchestra conductor ) did tell me that no woodwind player could hold his breath as long as I hold some of the phrases that I played on the keyboard.


 Song #11 – Original 2


This one uses an Alto Flute, an  arpeggiated synthesizer and some vocal oohs and aahs and 2 guitar parts to try to get the most lush sound I could. 

Maybe this all TMI. Oh well. 








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