Pam and Robin Lawson



Here are a few songs done with my good friends Pam and Robin Lawson. I played in their group when I was 17 years old. It was great training for a young musician, playing everything from Proud Mary to Canadian Sunset. 

Fast forward to 2006. I was living in Seattle and Pam and Robin wanted to come to Seattle to visit. So we decided to try to record some music. So we came up with a nice little batch of tunes to play. Robin did the arranging for the first 3 tunes and I did Today is Mine and That’s All. I played the backing tracks at my computer at home but I had no facility for recording voice so we booked a few hours at Mike Strickland’s studio. 

I am really proud of these recordings. I am especially grateful that we could get together because Robin passed away a few years after these recordings were made. I sure do miss him. He was one of a kind and I thank him for giving me my start in music.