Hi Jim –

Hi there. I thought I would work on my very poor web design skills and communicate with you at the same time. I don’t know what made me think of you the other day but I did. 

Then I couldn’t remember when or if I had corresponded with you since I moved here to Minnesota. A bit of the history is on the bio section on my home page of the home page. It is at stevehuie.com. I was happy to find your website too. I was listening to Solo Flight. You guys sound great. Good recording too. I’ve struggled over the years to get a good recorded sound. But being that I only play at home, I use software only to get my sound. I sold my guitar amp many years ago. 

Since I don’t work here, I decided to work on music again. I have my guitars and a keyboard but I sold my midi drum set before we moved to Minnesota. 

So I have worked on completing some of my recorded tunes and then I had to learn how to make my website. That is a bit of a challenge. It is solely for the purpose of 

letting friends-such as yourself-hear my take on some of my favorite tunes. 

There are so many great guitar players that I wanted to do something a bit different. One thing I always liked doing was play in different time signatures. I think it’s because I listened to John McLaughlin too much! 

I am going to redesign my website soon but hopefully you can find things. Be sure to scroll down on the home page and you will see the “liner notes” and that will give you the background of the tunes. I’ve even included a couple of originals that are kind of different too. (not really jazz?)

Anyway I will try to call you tomorrow to see if you can talk. Oh yeah, the second post in the blog has my recording of your Galbraith arrangement of Embraceable you.

Thanks and talk to you soon!

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This is a test post



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